Over 25 years of breaking fresh ground for agriculture

Portek Limited

  • Portek have been supplying bird scaring and agricultural products to the trade for over 25 years.

  • Our commitment to introducing new and innovative ideas and products to the market is unrivalled. This wide range of products is sold through our extensive dealer network across the UK.

  • Providing solutions for the farming industry, forestry and garden machinery distributors through innovation and good design.

Bird Scaring Products

Portek have the widest range of bird scaring products available in the UK. From simple tried and tested banger ropes and rockets to sophisticated gas guns and everything in between. Our bird scaring knowledge, built up over many years working with farmers, has culminated in a superb product range which has proved to be extremely effective in saving valuable crops from bird attack.

Foot Trimming & Hoof Support Products

The well established Cow Clog brand name is naturally linked in people’s mind to foot trimming in cattle.  Portek offers two models of Cow Clog using state-of-the-art specially developed bovine adhesive.

Garden Machinery, Landscaping & Workshop Products

From the designers of the original heavy duty Logmaster log bench, comes a range of well designed landscaping and workshop products including chainsaw sharpeners and replacement strimmer heads.

Spraying & Chemical Products

A range of useful products to combat the ever increasing legislation regarding agricultural chemicals helping farmers to protect the environment and their livelihood.

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