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Project Description

The BirdYell device effectively scares birds away by means of panic and/or alarm shrieks of different bird species. Any birds close to audible panic shrieks of other birds will instinctively flee the area.

The BirdYell device can be powered by AA batteries or a 12 volt vehicle battery.

The BirdYell has proven to be successful in many different situations, scaring away all kinds of nuisance causing birds.

The device is NOT waterproof but is ideal for use in grain stores, cattle stables, landfills and industrial installations. If used outside, then the BirdYell must be protected in a waterproof enclosure.

The more frequently the BirdYell is used, the more effective it is at keeping birds away for longer.

Download the BirdYell Sales Leaflet

Download the BirdYell Instruction Manual

BirdYell Sounds

These sounds are included as standard:

  • Starling

  • Jackdaw

  • Crow

  • Canadian Goose

  • Greylag Goose

  • Barnacle Goose

  • Jay

  • Sparrow Hawk

  • Kestrel

  • Herring Gull

  • Black Headed Gull

  • Common Gull

  • Wolf Howls

  • Shotgun

Scares/Alarms nearby bird species
Can be used in fields or grain stores
An array of different sounds
Volume levels controllable
Easy to use digital display
Built in speaker 10W

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