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The next generation of silent bird scaring globes! Great new design features means the Sentinel is built to last. High quality heavy duty construction, high density ABS plastic hubs with rust proof nylon ball bearings ensure ultimate performance and increased life span.

Quick and easy assembly – thanks to the Sentinel’s new design features there’s no glueing of the vanes required. Simply assemble the new plastic vane ends into the all new hubs using the rustproof nylon screws and nuts.


Spare vanes pack (Part No: 039/01) comes complete with x8 vanes with pre-glued plastic ends and x16 nylon rust-proof screws and nuts included – all you need to keep Sentinel running from season to season.



Sentinel globes have many uses, not just for the agricultural industry. Wind driven and silent make them ideal for use in built up areas. Ideal for agricultural crops, market gardens, allotments, vineyards, orchards, domestic gardens, boating, airports, etc.

As the wind turns the globe, the combination of unsettling movement, bright warning colours, alarming predator eyes and flashing strobe light effects, panics, alarms and confuses the birds.


Heavy duty Sentinel bird scarers are ideal to protect valuable silage bales from bird attack. Easy to move from field to field, no staking required – simply tread-in to the ground.

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 Plated steel components
 Rust proof nylon ball bearings
 Replaceable vanes
 Easy to move from field to field
 Strong & free-standing
 Adjustable height

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