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Add more realism to your bird scaring with THE HUNTER. This man sized bird scarer moves gently in the direction of the wind.

The life sized cutout turns easily on ball bearings and is held in position by a robust tread-in stake and heavy duty ancher plate offering great stability.

For extra effect why not use THE HUNTER with our range of banger ropes (not included), simply hanging the bange rope from the hook at the end of the gun barrel.

To keep the birds guessing futher and for more added realism why not change the colouurs of THE HUNTER each season using waterproof paint and your imagination.

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Robust tread-in stake and heavy dute anchor plates for stability
Moves gently in the direction of the wind – turns easily on ball bearings
Use with any of our banger ropes for more effective scaring
Adds realisim to your bird scaring
All steel construction – 15 Kg
Full adult male sized scarer
Can be customised to keep bird guessing

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