Sentinel (Part No: 039)

The next generation of silent bird scaring globes!

Great new design features means the Sentinel is built to last. High quality heavy duty construction, high density ABS plastic hubs with rust proof nylon ball bearings ensure ultimate performance and increased life span.

portek sentinel silent wind driven bird scaring globes

Quick and easy assembly – thanks to the Sentinel’s new design features there’s no glueing of the vanes required. Simply assemble the new plastic vane ends into the all new hubs using the rustproof nylon screws and nuts.

portek sentinel adjustable bird scarer crop defence


Silent – ideal for use in built-up areas
Highly visible
No maintenance
Simple to assemble
Weather resistant
Wind driven

Built To Last!

Great design features that mean the Sentinel is built to last!

  • No glueing needed
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • No extra support required
  • Strong, freestanding tread-in forks
  • Easy to move from field to field
  • Rust proof nylon ball bearings
  • Plated steel components
  • Replaceable vanes
portek sentinel wind driven bird scaring globe replacement vanes

Replacement Vanes

Sentinel spare vanes pack (Part No: 039/01) comes complete with eight spare vanes with pre-glued plastic ends and x16 nylon rust-proof screws and nuts included – all you need to keep Sentinel running from season to season.

portek sentinel replacement vane pack
portek sentinel bird scaring globe

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portek sentinel bird scarer sales leaflet

Sales Leaflet

portek sentinal assembly instruction guide

Instruction Manual