Powered by a single cylinder, air-cooled, 2 stroke petrol engine the Portek Post Driver is a high-speed, heavy duty driving power tool.This heavy duty and easy to use Post Driver has a high impact hammer action to drive fencing posts, signs and tree stakes or pegs into the ground within a matter of seconds. The versatile 2 stroke engine enables the unit to be left idling even on its side in between driving in a series of fence posts.

  • Comes complete with the round post holder and adaptor rings to drive in round posts and stakes from 1″ to 4″ diameter.
  • Portek’s optional unique square and rectangular post holder accessory enables 3″ x 3″, 4″ x 3″ and 4″ x 4″ posts to be used.

Drives up to 4″ round and square posts with ease

Max power and speed: 1500W / 9,000rpm

Max torque and speed: 2.5N.m / 5,000rpm

Impact frequency: 700 ~ 1,350rpm

Impact energy: 20 ~ 55J

Max power output: <1.42kW

Capacity: 52cc

x3 piling socket retainer options

Size: 805 × 305 × 270mm
Power / Speed: 1500W / 9,000rpm
Engine: Single cylinder, air-cooled, 2 stroke petrol
Capacity: 52cc
Max. Power Output: <1.42kW
Fuel Mixture: 25:1 – petrol:oil
Nett Weight: 21.0 Kg

x3 piling socket adaptors, lubricating grease (60g), instruction booklet and toolkit all in a strong ABS plastic wheeled carry case for easy transportation and storage.

Portek Post Driver Wheeled Carry Case

70mm – 100mm (2.75” – 4”)
50mm – 69mm (2” – 2.75”)
20mm – 49mm (0.75” – 2”)

post holder sizing ring portek poster driver
poster driver post holder sizing ring portek
portek poster driver post holder sizing ring
Portek Post Driver Round Post Holder with Adaptor

4″ Round Post Holder (Part No. 075/02):

Includes reducing adaptor

This post holder can be fitted to the Post Driver as an alternative to the original fitted post holder. It can be used for posts ranging from 3/4″ to 4″ diameter (when used with reducing adaptor and sizing rings). It can be used without further attachments for 4″ diameter posts. For smaller posts the reducing adaptor should be screwed onto the end of the post holder, followed by a plastic sizing ring screwed on to the adaptor.

Portek Post Driver Optional Square Post Holder

4″ Square Post Holder (Part No. 075/01):

An additional post holder is available which can be fitted to the Post Driver as an alternative to the standard. This post holder can be used for posts of 4″ square, 4×3″ and 3″ square in size. It can be used without the bolts for 4″ posts. For smaller posts simply insert the reducing bolts through the bottom of the post holder casing, you can either use 2 bolts to allow a 4×3″ post or 4 bolts to allow a 3″ square post to be driven.

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portek post driver sales leaflet

Post Driver
Sales Leaflet

portek post driver operators handbook

Post Driver
Instruction Manual