Scatterbird Mark 4 Birdscaring Gas Gun

Designed and developed to incorporate ALL the features requested by farmers over the past 32 years.

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The Scatterbird MK4 is the next generation of gas powered bird scarers. Like it’s predecessor, the Scatterbird MK4 is a sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. The Scatterbird range has for many years set the industry standard for durability.

The newly designed Scatterbird Mark 4 incorporates many innovative features, including the use of UV stabilised, impact resistant polypropylene for the casing, and improved performance with the added feature of controlling the Scatterbird MK4 by Bluetooth from an iOS or Android smart device. A superb all-weather piece of equipment, the Scatterbird MK4 provides excellent value for money and uniquely high performance.

To operate the Scatterbird MK4 you will require a 12 volt battery and a cylinder of propane gas (any size of propane cylinder is suitable for use). Use of an optional internal 12 volt battery (not included) is recommended to keep the wiring away from vermin and prevent flood damage to the battery and wiring.

The Scatterbird MK4’s plated steel legs included with the unit, raise it off the ground and allow the full force of the “BANG” to be heard with maximum effect.

Unique pin number prevents theft – can’t be used by others

Program your Scatterbird MK4 from the comfort of your home or office – then go to field to activate up to 20 metres

Specific day to day programming of all features tailored to your requirements

Choose start and finish times each day – app automatically displays sunrise and sunset each day

Manage up to 300 Scatterbirds with different programmes from one phone

Select/programme individual days gun on or off

Adjust the loudness of the bang for built-up areas

Control your Scatterbird MK4 from your iOS or Android device

Ergonomic carry design

portek bird scaring scatterbird mk4 bluetooth remote control
Portek Scatterbird MK4 Gas Gun Control App
Portek Scatterbird MK4 Bird Scarer Control App

Scatterbird App

The Scatterbird App provides an easy way of programming the Scatterbird MK4 in the comfort of your home, then sending the program to the birdscarer by Bluetooth when close to the unit at a later time.

The Scatterbird Mark 4 bird scaring gas gun features a sophisticated, flexible, yet simple to operate control system allowing you to programme the frequency of the bangs and the interval between them. The Scatterbird can be set for an automatic start at dawn and an automatic shutoff at dusk. The bangs can be pre-set at precise intervals or a random pattern can be easily selected.

The Scatterbird App allows the user to:

  • Store programs to be used as and when desired by simply selecting the program and sending to the Scatterbird.
  • Change different variables – number of bangs, interval between bangs or operating times.
  • Have the same program or a different program for each day. Included in this is the ability to have no operation during some days at all if wanted.
  • Control multiple Scatterbirds by choosing which one to communicate with at any time.

Bluetooth Smartphone Connection

Try the free downloadable App – search for “Scatterbird”. The Scatterbird App is available for iOS and Android smart devices can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

portek bird scaring scatterbird mk4 remote control application

No Smartphone? No Problem!

Portek offer an optional pre-programmed remote controller (Part No: 033/34).

The remote comes complete with the Scatterbird App pre-installed. Click on the icon to launch the App and view the profiles which are pre-installed to start you off. All of the profiles can be used as they are, edited or deleted. You can also add more profiles to suit your requirements. Please see the operators instruction book that accompanied the Scatterbird MK4 unit for more details.

portek scatterbird mark 4 weatherproof internal wiring

State of the art compact electronics fully sealed against the elements

portek scatterbird mk4 stainless steel barrel

Long life stainless steel inner barrel

  • Long Cables for External 12v Battery: 031/12B
  • Short Cables for Internal 12v Battery: 031/12C
  • Internal 12v Battery & Short Battery Cables: 034
  • Internal 12v Battery: 034B
  • Battery Charger: 035
  • Preset Remote: 033/34
scatterbird mark 4 option internal 12v battery portek

Optional internal battery – secure behind easily removable side panel

Click here to see our latest technical support video. Packed with handy tricks and tips that will help you look after your Scatterbird unit, maintain its performance, avoid damage and prevent your Scatterbird Mark 4 from malfunctioning.

If you are having trouble with your Scatterbird MK4 then get in touch with you local dealer or Portek on our dedicated helpline: 01234 889 460 for further information, parts or technical assistance to help you determine the problem and remedy any issues to get your gas gun up and running again.

Portek Scatterbird Gas Gun Service and Repair

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Scatterbird MK4
Sales Leaflet

portek scatterbird mk4 operators handbook

Scatterbird MK4
Instruction Manual